Battle Lakes, Kent


  • Marshals are paid, professional, trained staff.
  • Marshals are there to make the event safe and enjoyable for all Players, their word is final.
  • Pay attention to what a Marshal is telling you, they will give regular updates on the game.
  • If you think someone is behaving irresponsibly, call a Marshal.
  • Do not cheat for any reason including retaliation – instead make the Marshal aware of the situation and allow them to resolve the issue.
  • All reports of undesirable behaviour (including cheating, abuse or bad sportsmanship) are taken very seriously and will be handled by the Marshals.
  • Any Player who does not follow or comply with the rules are subject for ban to the site or any Zed Adventure’s sites.


  • All boundaries will be marked on the site map or briefed on the day.


  • A hit is everything unless it is the gun in your hand or a ricochet.
  • Friendly fire is a hit.
  • When hit, you must call ‘hit’ and put your hand in the air.  Continue to hold your hand in air until you get to re-generate.
  • “Dead” Players are not to communicate with any in game (or “alive”) Player.  If moving through the gamezone, Dead Players can identify themselves as being dead (for example “dead player coming through”, etc) 

MEDIC RULES (when permitted)

  • When you are hit you shout “hit” then immediately shout “medic” should the game mode permit it, stay where you are.
  • Another player (anyone) may come and act as a Medic to you by holding your wrist or shoulder (nowhere else), then count to 10 (ten) slowly. This must be verbalised so Players and Marshals can hear.
  • You can grab a Player and drag them into cover only for a distance of 15ft.
  • Once Medic is complete you are back in the game.
  • If you are hit again then you are dead.
  • You can let friendly forces know your position but other than that no talking and giving away enemy positions etc.
  • If you do not receive a Medic after 5 minutes then bleed out (this means you’ve bled to death). Go back to regeneration point or the Safezone.
  • If the player is shot while performing a Medic on another player, they are hit and so is the ‘wounded’ player.  This prevents riot shielding.  THIS RULE IS MANDATORY!!!!!


  • All blades or knives must be soft rubber or fit for LARP/Airsoft use.
  • To use the weapon, Attackers must tap your opponent ONCE on the back/front centre mass or shoulders (no head).
  • Extremities (legs, hands, feet, etc) do not and will not count.
  • When contact has been made, Attacker must call out ‘knife kill’.
  • Attackers are asked to be gentle / considerate.
  • Weapons are not to be thrown at all.


  • Capturing or surrendering is only permitted during the appropriate personality game.  Players will be briefed before starting the game.
  • We do not use the ‘bang’ rule.


  • Only pyro sold on site, site approved or BFG’s (9mm/6mm Blank Firing Grenades) may be used on site. Anyone using non site approved pyro other than provided will be removed from site.
  • Grenades
    • Smoke grenades are permitted
    • Grenades are anything that goes “bang” and is designed for the purpose.
    • Radius rules:
      • In an open area, if within a 15ft radius everyone is hit.
      • If players are behind hard cover (barricade, wall, etc.) they are safe.
      • If Players are unsure whether a hit has been taken, speak to a nearby Marshal.
    • Solid-state (BFG’s, tornado, etc) grenades must be rolled gently underhand or posted below knee level.  Do not throw overhand or sideswipe.  Only use on the same level that you are playing, so not up and down hills etc.
    • Breaking these rules may result in Grenade use being banned for person or everyone.
  • Once you have activated Cardboard pyro you must discard it immediately, do not hold onto it and do not throw it at someone directly
  • If a pyro is activated then do not attempt to pick it up as it will be very hot, may burn and explode in your hand.

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