Based within the Kennet Centre, Newbury (RG14 5EN) Zed Adventures Airsoft is very excited to bring you our new CQB airsoft venue, Z-MART CQB!

Spread across two floors & totalling an estimated area is 3764 meters squared for the entire unit over two floors including safe zone, indoor toilets, open plan game zone, winding corridoors, dark stairwells, vaults & rat runs – that’s equivalent to .9 of an acre! (credit to Asomodai on Airsoft-forums.uk for taking the time to do the maths) we’re hoping that our new site will cater for those craving the CQB playing scenarios that are very much lacking within the Berkshire area since we lost our beautiful mall.

We aim to be as competitive with our prices as possible & we’ll be aiming to please not only the casual airsofter but the hardcore CQB fanatics, those after a different kind of airsoft day, private events, corporate events, old players, new players, rental players, speedsofters & hopefully those who want t take airsoft for what it is & should be – a fantastic day or evening out filled with banter & laughs!

We’ll be running semi auto only as our default but also gas & spring days, extreme days & of course themed events.

Because of our location & with the intention of NOT causing disruption to local businesses & residence, there will be no Pyro use no solid state grenade use & no smokes, we’ll be looking into this further in the future once we’re up & running.


Sunday Open Events

8:30am – 4pm – £30 per person (own kit)

Thursday Evening Events

6:30pm – 11pm – £25 per person (own kit)

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

Midday – 6pm –  £25 per person (own kit)

Rental packages  are  £15 plus the game fee.

The package is as follows:

1x AEG

1x hi capacity mag

1x full face mask

1000 rounds of ammo.

All bookings for Z-MART are full payment in advance & as always please check the calendar by clicking GAME DATES & fire us a booking email.

Military, EMS & NHS discounts apply, thank you for what you do!

Please remember that the safety of our sport, our customers & the general public will always be our primary concern & for this reason it is absolutely VITAL that you DO NOT wear your rigs & holsters whilst travelling to & from the venue, whilst queueing prior to the event & of course 100% priority, airsoft RIF’s, IF’s & larp items are NEVER displayed, brandished, worn or within view of the general public UNTIL you are inside the venue – it’s the law!

Never risk our sport  &/or the welfare of others.

The onsite shop will be provided by Haydn of Sandman Airsoft Emporium where you’ll be able to purchase all of your supplies, gear & shiney new toys!

Need repairs, downgrades or full custom builds? Negative Airsoft has you covered!


We currently do not have our own parking however here is a list of nearby parking spots & prices (prices correct at time of print)

Kennet Centre

8am to 6pm Up to one hour £1.50 Up to two hours £2.70 Up to three hours £3.90 Up to four hours £5.20 Up to six hours £7.20 Up to eight hours £8.70 Over eight hours £12 Evening Charge £2 (6pm – 8am and in addition to charges accrued before 6pm)

Northcroft Lane West RG14 1BN open 7-10pm 7 min walk 0.3 mile from KC Parking Charges Monday to Sunday 7am to 10pm Up to two hours £1.70 Up to four hours £3.20 Over four hours £5.20

Football Club Faraday Road RG14 2AD 8 mins 0.4 miles from KC Parking Charges Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm Up to four hours £1.00 Over four hours £2.00 FREE AFTER 6

Kings Road West (on street parking) 1.5 mins from KC 10 bays Free after 6pm £1 all day Sunday

Event dates will be going live on our calendar very shortly…

Zed Adventures has a zero tolerance policy regarding urban exploration.

All of our venues are privately rented properties & any form of trespass will resulting legal action & public naming of individuals.

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