It is our great pleasure to announce that in association with Gunman Airsoft we have a fantastic new site to use!

Welcome to ZED ADVENTURES AIRSOFT – “ACid DROP” – Skirmish.

The site is situated at Camp Bravo, Fleet Road, A327, Eversley RG27 0PY

50 acres of extremely diverse woodland – tracks, trails, hills & ditches.
Expansive open areas & thick green foliage, barrel dumps & more as in the coming months more of the site will be cut back, opened up to reveal over 80 acres of further game zone areas!

Games will be a mixture of longer, mission & target based games & a few shorter, faster & more “mall” style games – we aim to suit every style of player as best we can.

Our first event will be on August 11th – the cost per person is £30 & the price will include a hot lunch, rental packages from £45.

Gates will be opened at 8:30am, main brief will be at 9:30am & the last game will end around 4:30pm.

bookings can be made at [email protected]

Here’s the small print part:
We can fit 100 people on this site with ease – but we don’t want to, not yet.
We want our customers to have the best airsoft experience possible so to start with we will be capping the numbers at 50 booked players.
For our events at acid drop we will have a minimum amount of players that must be met or the events simply cannot run & as such we will require a £10 per head, non-refundable deposit should a player fail to attend or cancel their slot – this amount must be paid within 48 hours of booking confirmation via paypal or bank transfer.
This leaves only £20 to pay on the day of the event – the full amount can be paid in advance however should you choose.
Rental packages must be paid in full, in advance – there will be a maximum of 10 rental packages available for booking.

(We love you guys, but we need to be able to at least cover our costs for the events to go ahead)

All rules & H&S will be pretty much a carbon copy of our Battle Lakes rules & H&S.

FPS & Joule limits:
Guns capable of burst fire &/or full auto – 350fps on a .2g bb

DMR – semi auto locked, scoped guns with an inner barrel length of 363mm or over – 450fps maximum on a .2g bb

Bolt action rifles – 500fps maximum on a .2g bb

We will be ensuring that players using DMR & bolt action rifles will be using a the correct weight ammo for their gun to keep them within the joule limits depicted by their .2g ammo chrono reading.