New Site Rules

Zed Adventures Airsoft is proud to announce our brand new site – but what will it be called?


That’s where you guys come in – it needs a name & you get to choose it!


Leave your suggestion in the comments section below & share this post to your Facebook page & if we like it enough, we’ll name it & give you a free day of airsoft on our opening day!


So what’s the deal?


November 24th will be our opening event.


North Gate

Tower Street, Heathfield Park, TN21 8PB


Huge fenced off site that once upon a time was a zoo!



*Covered safe zone

*Indoor toilets

*Hot & cold running water



*Battery charging station

*On site shop

*Hot Drinks & snacks



Once the main H&S brief has been read through & you’re all chronoed, you’ll be plunged into a daylong skirmish stopping only for lunch (if you choose…).


Your team will need to find a list of objectives to achieve & points earned will vary dependant on which missions you complete.

Further missions will be added throughout the day to keep you on your toes.


The game zone itself is open plan, mixed terrain – paths link the site.

You’ll find numerous wooded areas & thickets to sneak through but plan your attack well as there are many open areas too & you can bet your arses that snipers will be waiting to shred you if you step out alone & un-prepared.

You can go it alone or you can go as a squad, it’s up to you – it’s your day.



You can play it carefully, you can go in all guns blazing.


Spaces at our new site will be £35 per head & a £10 deposit per head is required within 48 hours of booking.

Those who pay 48 hours advance IN FULL will be given a £5 discount making the the cost £30 per person.
Bookings are taken via email  – [email protected] – this is the only way to obtain a £5 discount if paying in full, in advance.


On the day we will have 10 slots open for those wishing to simply turn up & play, this will be first come, first served.



Got mates who want to try airsoft? We’ve got you covered.

For our first event we’ll be giving 10 FREE rental packages!

Book & pay for your mates £30 slot in full, in advance & we’ll upgrade their standard walk on slot to include a rental gun & mag – then give your mates ammo to use or buy it on site, whichever!



Details will be added to the website soon enough but until then, we’ll be adding updates here so keep your eyes peeled.


All of our standard woodland rules will apply.