For Sale!

We’ve decided to sell off our complete rental gun fleet!

Now that we have a shiney new CQB site, we figured let’s get a new rental gun fleet to go with it!

We have around 50 AEG’s to offload of the G36 & UMP variety (we’ll be updating this list with correct numbers & pictures next weekend).

At last count we had (from memory) 60-ish G36’s & 12ish UMP’s but we’ll confirm later this week.

All are well used & in varied states of disrepair & condition, we have a few boxes of mags for both, all hi capacity – we’re pretty sure we have 20 plus brand new UMP mags…

We think that at least 30 working & complete guns can be picked up & used straight away from what is here & at around 20- 40 more that may need a handguard, selector switch or cut off lever etc – if you know what you’re doing inside these AEG’s, all are available to be up & running with some tinkering – understand that rental pups have been using & abusing these for close to a decade in some cases, some are fully working & ready to rock, some are on their last legs, some are less than 18 months old, we simply do not have the time to service them all & get them up & running!

Included will be countless barrels, tappet plates, nozzles, springs, cylinders, selector plates, pistons – all V3 or V2/V3

There are no boxes or batteries included but if you want a bargain, let us know – £950 for the lot!

(that’s less than £20 per AEG!)

If you’d like to come & view the lot please pop me a phone call & we can arrange a time – VCRA applies to the sale!