COVID 19 Health & Safety Information for Z-MART CQB – please read carefully!

The following precautions have been placed after taking into account guidance from West Berks Council & the .GOV website.

After explaining everything about the venue, the hobby itself & the precautions that are already in place they believe that we are well within the guidelines & as such are deemed safe to run.

  • Lines placed on the floor outside the venue to aid social distancing,
  • Signage about recognising symptoms & social distancing placed outside the venue.
  • NHS QR code placed outside venue & at the check-in desk.
  • Phone numbers of all customers will be taken if the QR code is inaccessible
  • Signage inside the front door of the venue explaining that masks & gloves must be worn.
  • Hand sanitizer is available on the checking in desk.
  • Upstairs in the safe zone (SZ), Lines have been applied to the floor & customers are asked to keep to the centre line.
  • Boxes are marked around all table to aid distancing.
  • Box lines are 1 meter from tables, each table is divided with 1-meter space & seats are back to back between tables.
  • Larger tables can be found at the back of the room should it be required at the back for large groups if needed.
  • Line painted on floor for snack bar queue & also for charging station
  • Walkway around tables.
  • Chrono table marked out.
  • Staff on Chrono doors to aid distancing & one way systems.
  • Hand sanitizer available on every table.
  • Signage pinned up all around the safe zone explaining about covid 19
  • Gloves & masks are available at all times (at a cost).
  • Customers must wear masks at all times unless sat with their own small group of 5 or less, this includes in the game zone.
  • Anti-bacterial tabletop cleaner used before & after each event day.
  • Binbag attached to every table.
  • No curfew applied to us however no sales of snacks after 9:30pm.

It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that the virus does not spread, any customer deliberately not following the above guidelines will be ejected without refund.