Membership Terms


1. Zed Adventures (hereafter referred to as ‘Zed’, ‘We’ or ‘our’) reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant for any reasons determined by our staff.

2. Zed reserves the right to withdraw membership from any individual for any reason without prior written notice or consent of the membership holder.

3. Zed reserves the right to alter, in any way, the membership packages or the item(s) included or discounted on any part of the membership package(s). If this happens all members will be informed of the alterations before they are made, and appropriate considerations will be made to the investment made by members.

4. Membership benefits cannot be traded for cash equivalents or discounts.

5. Membership, membership benefits and any cumulative or singular rewards are not transferable under any circumstances outside of our sites.

6. Members under the age of 18 are not eligible for UKARA registration.

7. Members under the age of 18 will not receive, and are not eligible to receive, any membership benefits that relate to products or serves that have an age limit of 18.

8. Zed and our staff reserve the right to check ID at any point. If age cannot be satisfactorily proven, we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone who may be under age.

9. Standard UKARA terms and conditions apply to UKARA membership and registration. Please see for more information.

10. To be eligible for UKARA registration through Zed, applicants must play at least 3 (three) full games over a period which exceeds 2 (two) months at our site/s. Be aware that terms and conditions apply to this condition.

11. Zed accepts no responsibility for UKARA registration documents once they have been sent to the UKARA organisation.

12. Zed reserves the right to refuse to issue UKARA registration to any member.

13. Lost or damaged membership ID cards will be reissued upon payment of a £5.00 administration fee.

14. Member’s discounts have no cash alternative.

15. No discounts are available on membership package prices.

16. Any personal information that you give us during registration will never be divulged to a third party without your permission as per the DATA Protection Act.