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  • Digital Gift Card


    Want to buy someone a game of airsoft as a gift?
    Pop their email address (or yours) in the box below and give them the code!

    The Vouchers are at preset amounts for the packages we offer, more details on each type can be found on the individual event pages. You can also choose other values to your own requirements!

    If they have their own airsoft gear, then you need an “Own Equipment” gift, if they need to borrow our kit, then a “Rental Equipment” is the gift for you!

    £27 – Thursday or Saturday – Own Equipment
    £42 – Thursday or Saturday – Rental Equipment
    £33 – Sunday – Own Equipment
    £48 – Sunday – Rental Equipment

    You can additionally use a gift code on a different day than the value matches for either full or partial payment, full details below.
    NOTE: These Gift cards are digital only.